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Worship Tech

Supports worship services and other services through audio, video, livestreaming, recording, ProPresenter media slides and other forms of communication.



Collaborates to oversee the care needs of everyone in the Good Shepherd ministry.  Provides communion services to shut-ins.

Kitchen / Hospitality
Hospitality prepares, serves and cleans up the coffee and treats on Sunday mornings between the two worship services. Our Kitchen Team helps in organizing meals for congregational needs, including funerals.  Also helps in keeping the kitchen stocked and organized.

First Impressions

Helps make the weekly worship services a joyful and spiritually uplifting experience by greeting and assisting those attending worship services.  This is a great starting point for individuals and families to get involved.

Snow Removal / Mowing
Our Snow Removal Team helps with removal of snow on church property during work week and also weekends for worship services and events being held at Good Shepherd Facilities. The church provides snow blowers and shovels. Our Mowing Team mows the church property on a rotating schedule of teams (usually done on Thursday or Friday afternoons/evenings).  The church provides riding lawn mowers, push lawnmowers, edger’s.

Children's Ministry

Big House Ministry volunteers assists with the children’s and parent’s ministry, providing help with children’s activities and faith building. Vacation Bible School volunteers assists with Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the following areas:  teaching, leading, music, kitchen, games, crafts, photography, and many more areas! 


At Good Shepherd, we give people a chance to try different things without any strings attached.  Let us help you connect with a team leader so that you can find out more information and see if there is an area that you are passionate about serving in.

Thanks for submitting!

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