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As we grow on our faith journey, God equips us to love and serve the people around us.  When we pray for God's glory to shine into the world, God often uses His church to shine that light.  We are not spiritual consumers, but rather, we are spiritual contributors. Good Shepherd desires to be a community of action to empower good in our community and world.

Back to Bethlehem

It’s that time of year again.  We are preparing for the advent of our coming King.  One way Good Shepherd prepares is by hosting a live-action Bethlehem in our CLC.  Townspeople booths are set up and actors share a glimpse of what it was like in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.  A few new elements will be added this year to enhance the experience including a dramatic reenactment of the nativity.  Many hands are needed to make an event of this caliber successful.  You can sign up on the link below.

"Empowering families to heal through restoration."

Project Restore is a ministry of Good Shepherd Church designed to bring together physical rebuilding needs and practical assistance.  Through Project Restore, volunteers will lodge overnight in our Community Life Center facility.  This facility includes an industrial kitchen, cots, mattresses, and a mobile shower unit.  Staff members will find and coordinate work, supply the necessary tools and safety equipment, and provide basic training. Volunteers will be sent out into areas that have experienced extensive damage due to the recent Midwest flooding.  Areas of work will include a 30-mile radius of Fremont, NE. 

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