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City of Fremont is installing new sanitary sewer lines along Military Avenue from Lincoln Avenue to Bell Street. They estimate that this will take place from May into June. With this, Good Shepherd’s South parking lot entrance off of Military Avenue and Northeast parking lot entrance off of Lincoln Avenue are NOT accessible. 


The only access to Good Shepherd is through the West Entrance behind Lutheran Family Services off Hancock Street. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we pray this construction is a smooth and quick process. Check back for updates throughout the month.
If you have any questions, please reach out to the Church Office at 402-721-8412.

It doesn't matter where you've been, where you are, what you wear, or what your experience is with church, when you are here, you are HOME.  Let us walk with you as together we encounter God's unconditional love.

Join us this weekend:
Modern Worship
Sunday 10:15 a.m.
Traditional Worship
Saturday 5:45 p.m.

GOD'S WORK IN 12 MEN. Jesus called twelve men to be his trusted disciples.  While all of them had strengths, they definitely had flaws.  They were, what we might call, A Work in Progress. Over the next 8 weeks, we are going discover the important truth that God does not call the equipped, but instead equips the called.  What does that mean for us?  It means we are Christ’s work in progress being equipped to do great things in his name.  Together, let’s explore these relatable and fallible men who became a pivotal part of God’s redemption story.

Week 1: The Loudmouth - Simon Peter

Traditional 6/3 - 5:45pm | Modern 6/4 - 10:15am

Week 2: Sons of Thunder - James and John

Outdoor Unity Service 6/11 - 10:15am


Week 3: The Pragmatist - Philip 

Traditional 6/17 - 5:45pm | Modern 6/18 - 10:15am

Week 4: The Zealot - Simon the Zealot 

Traditional 6/24 - 5:45pm | Modern 6/25 - 10:15am

Week 5: The Pessimist - Thomas

Traditional 7/1 - 5:45pm | Modern 7/2 - 10:15am

Week 6: Friend of the Romans - Matthew

Traditional 7/8 - 5:45pm | Modern 7/9 - 10:15am

Week 7: A True Israelite - Nathanael and Judas Iscariot

Traditional 7/22 - 5:45pm | Modern 7/23 - 10:15am

Week 8: The “Other” Guys - Andrew, Judas, and James the Less

Traditional 7/29 - 5:45pm | Modern 7/30 - 10:15am

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